Cattle Feeders Welcome Canada-Korea FTA

Cattle Feeders Welcome Canada-Korea FTA

News release:

The National Cattle Feeders’ Association (NCFA) applauds the Government of Canada in completing a new free trade agreement with the Republic of Korea.

“At one time Korea was our fourth largest export market for beef, but that market was closed for ten years after BSE,” said NCFA Chairman Jeff Warrack.

“We regained access in 2012, but duties up to 40% have made it very difficult to compete. This new agreement is welcome news for our industry.”

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Korean tariffs on Canadian beef will be lowered in stages across a 15 year time period so the economic benefit for the beef sector will be realized gradually but consistently.

“We need policies that will help us grow and sustain our beef industry across the long-term,” said Warrack. “This is a positive step in securing that long-term sustainability.”

Canadian beef exports remain heavily tilted toward the US, and irritants like mandatory country-of-origin labelling continue to present a challenge. Canadian cattle feeders have long supported the development of new international markets and diversifying Canada’s beef export profile.

“NCFA is committed to working with government and creating a policy and trade environment that allows Canadian beef to compete in the global market,” added NCFA Manager of Policy and Research Casey Vander Ploeg. “The Korean agreement contributes significantly to this goal.”

The Canadian cattle industry is an important value-added component for agriculture and a significant contributor to the economy. Canadian beef feedlots generate almost $7 billion in farm cash receipts annually and result in a $15 billion economic impact including multiplier benefits.

NCFA believes this agreement will benefit all Canadians, and congratulates Prime Minister Harper, Minister Ritz, and Minister Fast on this achievement.

The National Cattle Feeders’ Association (NCFA) was established in 2007 to represent Canadian cattle feeders on national issues and collaborate with other organizations to strengthen Canada’s cattle feeding industry.

Membership in the NCFA includes the British Columbia Association of Cattle Feeders, Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association, Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, Manitoba Beef Producers, Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association, and La Fédération des producteurs de bovins du Québec.

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