Collaborating for success: Ontario Corn Fed Beef expands into Japan

Collaborating for success: Ontario Corn Fed Beef expands into Japan


June 17, 2015 – London, Ontario – Ontario Corn Fed Beef, a premium beef brand owned and operated by Ontario beef farmers, is expanding into international markets with strategic partners in Japan.

This week a delegation of guests, including retail and distribution partners from Japan, are gaining a deeper understanding of just what this brand means. The tour will showcase all the various protocols, processes, and care that go into bringing a consistently great tasting beef to market. The delegation will visit registered Ontario Corn Fed Beef feedlots and partner packing plants for a full farm to fork tour.

“The Premier has issued a challenge to grow Ontario agricultural exports,” says Jim Clark, Executive Director, Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association. “We’ve already seen incredible growth in our home province, and the partnerships we’ve made in Japan and beyond mean we are meeting this challenge while simultaneously increasing value for our domestic partners and our farmers.”

May 1st saw the launch of Ontario Corn Fed Beef at 33 Kinsho Stores throughout the Osaka Japan market. Initial feedback has been very positive and there is an expectation for significant and rapid growth.

In 2014 Canadian Beef exports to Japan were valued at over $103 million. The growth potential for the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand in the Japanese market is estimated at more than $15 million annually. The incremental value that is generated by developing this key export market directly supports over 1500 jobs in the meat-processing sector in Ontario alone.

“In 2013, I challenged the agri-food sector to double its growth rate and create 120,000 new jobs by 2020, and the industry has met this challenge head-on,” says Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario. “Our government is committed to working with industry partners, like Ontario Corn Fed Beef, to make sure Ontario’s farms remain competitive in the global marketplace — while creating new opportunities here at home.”

“The expanded Ontario Corn Fed Beef program helps our province’s beef industry continue to grow and rise to the Premier’s Agri-Food Challenge while ensuring that more Ontario beef is found on the plates of consumers internationally,” says Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. “Consumers both in Ontario and abroad continually appreciate and recognize the safe, affordable and high-quality beef products our Ontario beef farmers take pride in producing.”

“The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program is a true value chain for all sectors of Ontario agriculture, processors and consumers. It supports jobs and economic stimulus in many sectors including meat processing, beef feedlot sector, cow calf sector, livestock pharmaceuticals, veterinary services, grains and oilseeds, trucking, distribution/logistics, and farm equipment sales and distribution across the province,” says Jim Clark, Executive Director, Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association. “We look forward to continuing our long history of collaboration with the Ontario government as we grow this unique Ontario brand domestically and globally.”

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About Ontario Corn Fed Beef:

* Ontario Corn Fed Beef is currently featured in 241 Loblaw Co. and affiliate stores and 120 other retail outlets across Ontario and distributed to fine restaurants through Sysco Canada and Morton’s Wholesale

* The Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association launched Ontario Corn Fed Beef in 2001.

* Ontario’s cattle and beef sector supports more than 11,000 jobs and contributes about $4 billion dollars to the province’s economy.

* All Ontario Corn Fed Beef cattle are fed and processed in Ontario.

* The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program was launched in June of 2001 to expand the market for and profile of Ontario-produced beef. By expanding the market presence of this brand, Ontario Corn Fed Beef has been positioned as one of the leading brands of premium beef in Canada.

* The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program provides consumers both at home and globally with an identifiably Ontario brand of beef which has come to be known as consistently great tasting, wholesome, and raised in the natural environment of Ontario.

* The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program has grown into one of the largest producer owned branded beef programs in Canada. In 2014 the program produced 298,760 head of certified cattle.

* A May 2014 George Morris Centre report credited the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program for generating an additional $26 per head for all cattle sold in the province of Ontario, which translates into $23.4 million of incremental cash receipt revenue for Ontario cattle producers in the years 2013/2014 alone* (*based on 450,000 head fed cattle).


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