Feeding Farm Show Crowds

Feeding Farm Show Crowds

Ontario Corn Fed Beef and the “There’s No Taste Like Home” mobile kitchen unit were big hits at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and the 2010 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo.

For the first time, people attending these events had the opportunity to buy Ontario Corn Fed Beef from the trailer.

“It’s gone extremely well, we had a huge first day,” said Jim Clark, executive director of the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association of the response to the Corn Fed Beef sales during the first day of the Outdoor Farm Show near Woodstock. “People are responding to it very well and it’s good to see.”

The reasonably priced meals featured Ontario Corn Fed Beef New York Strip Loin on a bun. In addition to the food, Clark says people were impressed by the appearance and the size of the mobile kitchen unit.

“I can’t put a price on the trailer as far as promotion goes. But at the end of the day, there is a lot of upkeep involved to keep it on the road. So we’re generating funds that go back into the Ontario Corn Fed program,” said Clark, commenting on the move to begin cooking and selling food at events like the Farm Show and the IPM, which was held this year in St. Thomas.

While the mobile kitchen established itself as a unique promotional tool at the Farm Show and the IPM, its state-of-the-art kitchen made it possible for the OCFA to feed thousands of people at one event. The Cattle Feeders’ Association launched the tractor-trailer unit in August 2009 with funding assistance from the Ontario Market Investment program.

The trailer wasn’t the only spot where visitors could enjoy a meal featuring Ontario Corn Fed Beef. The Norpac Tent was busy again preparing its popular smoked beef brisket at both the Outdoor Farm Show and the IPM.

There’s No Taste Like Home Trailer at the International Plowing Match

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