Impressive Showing at Food Festival

Impressive Showing at Food Festival

Ontario Corn Fed Beef and the attractive mobile kitchen unit proved to be a popular combination at the 18th annual Good Food Festival and Market at the International Centre in Toronto.

The impressive vehicle, known as the “There’s No Taste Like Home” Mobile Educational Trailer, was parked right inside the building for the April 23-25  exhibition.

Crowds lined up at the display all weekend for the beef products that were prepared in the trailer. Jim Clark, executive director of the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association, estimated that 35,000 samples were handed out by 11 am on April 25.

Encouraged by the reaction of the visitors to show, Clark says the unit, which sports a fully-equipped kitchen, proved to be a valuable tool for raising the profile of Ontario Corn Fed Beef.

“It truly promotes the whole ‘buy local’ and the government’s Foodland Ontario strategy,” says Clark, referring to the need to get consumers to see and taste the home-grown products that are available.

“Instead of just talking the talk, we’re out walking it, and people are appreciative. The whole emphasis of this show is to get people to ask their retailers for Ontario Corn Fed Beef.”

Two new Ontario Corn Fed Beef products were featured at the display. People were able to try the North of 90 Cooked Beef Breakfast Strips, made by St. Helen’s Meat Packers in Toronto. The beef strips are aimed at consumers who are seeking an alternative to bacon due to religious or other reasons.

The other new product was Rachel’s Original Deli Corned Beef Brisket, also from St. Helen’s.

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