OCFB Partners With Food Service Leader

OCFB Partners With Food Service Leader

The Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association is teaming up with North America’s leading food service provider to bring more Ontario Corn Fed Beef to people across the province.

Jim Clark, Executive Director of OCFA, says SYSCO Canada has signed up to be a licensed carrier of Ontario Corn Fed Beef (OCFB). “It’s a huge opportunity to grow our business because of their coverage in the marketplace,” notes Clark. “For our program, it’s a really nice fit.”

Officials with SYSCO are also excited about the deal. Lonnie Lake, National Procurement Manager for SYSCO Canada, says the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program delivers a consistent and quality product. “We too have a vision of locally-produced product and to market ‘local’ to our customers,” adds Lake. “We have a number of customers that would love to buy local, and this is just a fit that was made to happen.”

Lake also likes the OCFB feed protocols that provide consistency across all feedlots that participate in the program. “The alignment is the greatest attribute and it’s something I put great stock into. It’s a great organization, right from the top down,” says Lake. “And the great consistency goes right into the product. Anybody that has tried Ontario Corn Fed Beef knows that it’s right up there with the best beef in the world.”

As he looks forward to working with SYSCO, Jim Clark says the company is another valuable partner for the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program. “Our goal has always been to work with the people that joined us from day-one and they are still a large part of our focus. We see this new partnership as a great addition to what we’re doing,” says Clark.

He also believes the relationship with SYSCO will lead to more growth for the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program, noting that it will help utilize our licensed packing plants. “I believe it will allow increased carcass utilization, which is really needed as the program continues to grow,” says Clark. “I’m proud that SYSCO sees Ontario Corn Fed Beef as one of their offerings, and it leads me to believe that it’s opened the doors to great opportunities.”

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