Ontario Corn Fed Beef Debuts In Japanese Retail Chain

Ontario Corn Fed Beef Debuts In Japanese Retail Chain


Ontario Corn Fed Beef was officially launched this week in 33 outlets of the retail chain Kinsho Stores, based in Osaka, Japan.

The product was introduced to consumers with an in-store sampling program and features eye catching meat case point of sale materials.

The feedback from consumers was very positive with many consumers commenting positively on the great taste.

Mr. Toyoda, the Meat Buyer from Kinsho Stores, also commented that Kinsho staff were very impressed with the taste and overall quality of the product during their internal sampling sessions.

The launch date corresponded with Golden Week – the national holiday week –  which is the unofficial traditional kick off to the spring/summer BBQ season in Japan.

“Japan is a high priority export market for Ontario Corn Fed Beef,” says John Baker, Director of Business Development.

“We are working closely with our packer partners to create a strong brand identity for Ontario Corn Fed Beef based on the unique production protocols and product attributes.”

Adds Baker, “The staff at Canada Beef in Japan were tremendously helpful, their market expertise and collaboration with us was a key contributor to the success of this launch.”

Currently the product mix is focused on Japanese BBQ cuts from the Chuck primal.

As the program grows, more cuts will be introduced into the mix, providing strong growth opportunity.


Kinsho Stores as well as their distributor partner will send a senior management delegation to Ontario in June to tour Ontario Corn Fed Beef member feedlots to experience the OCFB Quality Assurance Program and the defined feeding protocols that contribute to the consistent great tasting Ontario Corn Fed Beef.

“The June tour will be a very good opportunity for us to showcase the Ontario Corn Fed Beef brand as well as the entire Ontario industry, from cow calf operation through to our packer partners” says Baker.

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