Ontario Corn Fed Beef helps boost economy with exports

Ontario Corn Fed Beef helps boost economy with exports

August 25, 2015 – Toronto, Ontario – Ontario Corn Fed Beef, a premium beef brand owned and operated by Ontario beef farmers, is expanding into international markets with strategic partners in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is poised for potential growth valued at close to one million dollars, or 75MT.

This week a delegation of guests, including world-renowned chefs and distribution partners from the UAE, are gaining a deeper understanding of just what the OCFB brand means. The tour will showcase all the various protocols, processes, and care that go into bringing a consistently great tasting beef to market.

“We’ve already seen incredible growth in our home province, and the partnerships we’ve made around the world, including the UAE, mean we are increasing value for our domestic partners and our farmers, helping our local economy,” said John Baker of Ontario Corn Fed Beef.

Over the past year, the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association (OCFA) has made a significant investment in developing the export market of the United Arab Emirates. As part of this export strategy, in February 2015 Canada Corn Fed Beef, as the brand is known internationally, was introduced in Dubai at the world’s biggest annual food & hospitality show, Gulfood.

The import market in the UAE provides a tremendous opportunity for growth for the Ontario/Canada Corn Fed Beef brand. The UAE imports approximately $50 million of chilled boneless beef annually.

The increasing demand for high quality grain fed beef produced under Halal regulations provides the Ontario industry, who are all certified to produce Halal products, a significant advantage over our domestic and international competitors.

“The expanded Ontario Corn Fed Beef program helps our province’s beef industry continue to grow and rise to the Premier’s Agri-Food Challenge while ensuring more Ontario beef is found on the plates of consumers internationally,” says Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. “Consumers both in Ontario and abroad continually appreciate and recognize the safe, affordable, and high-quality beef products our Ontario beef farmers take pride in producing.”

Currently Ontario represents over 75% of the total volume of Canadian beef exports to the UAE. OCFA estimates the growth potential for the Canada Corn Fed Beef brand at 75MT valued at $800,000.

Further, as the UAE is a key influencer market for establishing brand recognition into the greater Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) market, OCFB is positioned well for future long term growth in this growing market. Euromonitor International projects the GCC will see their consumers spend US $106 billion on food in the next five years.

“The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program is a true value chain for all sectors of Ontario agriculture, processors, and consumers. It supports jobs and economic stimulus in many sectors including meat processing, beef feedlot sector, cow calf sector, livestock pharmaceuticals, veterinary services, grains and oilseeds, trucking, distribution/logistics, and farm equipment sales and distribution across the province,” says Jim Clark, Executive Director, Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association.

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About Ontario Corn Fed Beef:

* Ontario Corn Fed Beef is currently featured in 241 Loblaw Co. and affiliate stores and 120 other retail outlets across Ontario and distributed to fine restaurants through Sysco Canada and Morton’s Wholesale

* Ontario’s cattle and beef sector supports more than 11,000 jobs and contributes about $4 billion dollars to the province’s economy.

* All Ontario Corn Fed Beef cattle are fed and processed in Ontario.

* The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program was launched in June of 2001 to expand the market for and profile of Ontario-produced beef. By expanding the market presence of this brand, Ontario Corn Fed Beef has been positioned as one of the leading brands of premium beef in Canada.

* The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program provides consumers, globally, with an identifiably Ontario brand of beef which has come to be known as consistently great tasting, wholesome, and raised in the natural environment of Ontario.

* The Ontario Corn Fed Beef program has grown into the largest producer owned branded beef program in Canada. In 2014 the program produced 298,760 head of certified cattle.

* A May 2014 George Morris Centre report credited the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program for generating an additional $26 per head for all cattle sold in the province of Ontario, which translates into $23.4 million of incremental cash receipt revenue for Ontario cattle producers in the years 2013/2014 alone* (*based on 450,000 head fed cattle).

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