Ontario Corn Fed Beef – The Quality Assurance Program

Ontario Corn Fed Beef – The Quality Assurance Program

By Vernon Chang on MoVernie.com

Ontario Corn Fed Beef is naturally great tasting! But what exactly is Ontario Corn Fed Beef (OCFB)? Why is it able to produce great tasting meat? Who are the people and communities involved that make this program such a success? How do they maintain the consistent quality of this beef?

I, MoVernie, am as curious as you, wanting to find out more about our food sources. As more people prefer to “Shop local, eat local and support local“.

It’s part of my mission to gather more information and share KEY content with all of you about Ontario Corn Fed Beef. By being on the MOVE on  the Beefy Farm Tour, visiting feedlots, cattle farms, restaurants and grocery stores that serve Ontario Corn Fed Beef, I will be able to find these answers. In this MoVernie x Ontario Corn Fed Beef BLOG series, you will be able to understand how the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program operates in various aspects from different parts of the agricultural industries.

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(Photo caption: Vernon Chang (MoVernie), far right, takes pictures of cattle during his “Beefy Journey.”

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