Partner Spotlight: Stillwaters! Plate and Pour

Partner Spotlight: Stillwaters! Plate and Pour

Chef Will Thompson of Stillwaters! Plate and Pour in Paris, Ont., didn’t have to taste Ontario Corn Fed Beef to know he was dealing with a quality beef product.

Thompson knew it as soon as he cut into the rib-eye that he was preparing for the menu.

“I found that the marbling was firm, the rib-eye didn’t separate at all,” recalls Thompson.“It held together. It was a beautiful steak: the marbling was just incredible all through it.”

Stillwaters 2After receiving a great response when featuring the rib-eye as a special item, he decided to put it on the restaurant’s Valentine’s Day menu.

“We recently just bought a new grill, and updated our menu and I decided to put it on. It’s such a quality product that I want to keep going with it. It’s a real meat-lover’s beef. It’s just amazing.”

Ontario Corn Fed Beef has been a great addition to the restaurant’s vibrant and extensive menu that focuses on market fresh quality ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.

The rooftop patio offers a panoramic view of Paris and the Grand River.

Stillwaters 3

Chef Will says the emphasis is on casual dining as people can relax and enjoy the sounds of the river, watch the game and enjoy one of the ten draught beers from around the world at the open air bar.

“We want to be accessible to anybody coming into our place,” says Thompson.

Stillwaters! also has a private function room for private parties or family get-togethers.

They recently hosted a local business function, serving Ontario Corn Fed Beef to 50 people.

“These are pretty high-end clientele and they were really impressed,” says Thompson, citing an example of the customer response.

And being nestled close to several farming communities, including Simcoe, Woodstock and St. Jacobs, he says customers are also interested in where the food comes from.

Stillwaters 4

With Ontario Corn Fed Beef, he notes that he can see the care that goes into the meat.

“That’s why I’m offering it, that’s why I put the logo on my menu and that’s why I want it known because there are people in my area that really do care,” says Thompson.

Thompson was asked to try Ontario Corn Fed Beef by Jean Beauchemin, Director of Sales, for Morton Wholesale Ltd.

The family owned distributor, based in Windsor, is a Canadian company that is focussed on the success of the independent restaurant operator.

Through its Ontario Grass Roots Program, Morton actively promotes and distributes quality food products from Ontario’s finest producers.

“When we make purchasing decisions, we make those decisions with the local economic cycle in mind,” says Beauchemin.

“We’re supporting Ontario farmers, packers, local restaurants and the customers who are seeking quality Ontario products.”

Stillwaters! Plate and Pour is located at 61 Grand River St. N. Paris, Ont.

More info is available on their website:

Stillwaters on Facebook

About Chef Will Thompson

Chef William Thompson is a true student of the arts, cooking since he was 15-years-old. He has worked alongside some of the best chefs in the world, including culinary world champions, food network stars and Michelin star accredited chefs.

This has propelled Will’s success and helped earn him a much coveted spot to compete on Food Network’s hit series, Top Chef Canada.

He was the production leader and executive sous chef for Ste. Annes spa, rated Canada’s top spa for the five years he spent there.

Chef Will has frequently judged the culinary portion of the National Skills Canada Competition and has a passion for teaching the younger generation of apprentice chefs.




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