Simon’s Prime Hamburgers Is Keeping It Fresh

Simon’s Prime Hamburgers Is Keeping It Fresh

Ontario Corn Fed Beef partner profile: Bobby Delagrammatikas, co-owner of Simon’s Prime Hamburgers

(From the Nov. 2014 News Feed)

When the owners of Simon’s Prime Hamburgers in Southwestern Ontario wanted to base their food business on fresh, 100% beef, the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program was an ideal match.

“It fits like a glove,” says Bobby Delagrammatikas, who operates Simon’s with his two partners.

They have four restaurants – two each in Chatham and Windsor.

“We were looking for a fresh concept – just like a back-to-the basics concept,” adds Bobby.

While hamburgers are still a popular food, Simon’s wanted to differentiate itself in the market.

“We don’t do frozen so we keep it fresh and try to display that for the consumer as much as possible,” he says.

In fact, the fresh ground beef is prominently displayed in a meat case at the front counter where people place their orders.

“People are starting to take notice to fresh and they’re starting to ask questions,” notes Bobby. “People want to know where things are coming from.”

Simon’s sources its beef from Norpac – a longtime partner of the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program.

They like that Norpac can keep up with their volumes and their demand for fresh product. “Production dates are short so we can have fresh product; they produce it and we get it the next day,” says Bobby.

Simon’s is an example of the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program concept of bringing like-minded people together who are committed to providing quality beef products to the Ontario consumers.

Besides Norpac, Bobby says another Corn Fed partner – Morton Wholesale, a food service distributor in Windsor – is another key player.

“They fit with what we do,” says Bobby. “Everybody is trying to keep it local and fresh. Everybody’s starting to think the same – it fits like a glove.”

The concept of the fresh beef has been a springboard for other aspects of the business.

Bobby says they are now using a local bakery to supply fresh bread and are working with the Dairy Farmers of Ontario to provide 100% cheese products on their menu.

“It’s a big deal to me. I can’t imagine doing it another way now,” he says.

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